1+1 Year Warranty

Dear all Nuna buyers,

All Nuna gears purchased 1st of January 2017 onwards will have 1+1 year warranty. You will receive 1 year warranty upon purchase.
To enjoy the 2nd year warranty, kindly register your gears on our website.

Register your 2nd year warranty here


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Baby Bed

When choosing bedding for your beloved baby, do not be tempted to purchase super fluffy pillows and blankets. Yes, they look lovely and almost perfect for comfort, but they can harm your baby. A bad choice of the baby bed may let your baby fall under them, or they may pull a light weighted fluffy blanket over their heads. So, chose wisely because your baby’s comfort and safety is the reason why you buy baby beds.

We are recommending a flat baby bed like our Standard Bedguard, the Deluxe Sleeptime Bedguard, the Amani Bebe 7 Pc Organic Oval Bedding, the Amani Bebe 5 piece Bedding Set – Wild Things, or other baby beds you can find on our online shop. We have a wide range of offers for baby bed items. To see more high-quality baby beds, please click here.

Baby Mattress

Choosing a good baby mattress seems easy. All you have to do is to get the one that fits your cradle or baby crib. Well, that is how simple it is.

One of the considerations you should think about is the quality of the baby mattress. It should not just seem comfortable for your little ones, but it should also prevent the SIDS or the Sudden Infant Syndrome. And even you are using beds, it is still ideal to have a baby mattress. There are cases when smokes or pet furs could get into your bed’s fabric, causing allergies to your baby.

Baby Stroller

Perhaps buying the first stroller for your baby is going to be your first biggest investment in baby gears. And as parents, you don’t want to give your baby a low-quality baby stroller at the expense of a lower price. A good stroller with bassinet can be a good investment, and it costs fairly without affecting much of your budget.

When buying a baby stroller Malaysia, always remember to check the features of the item before getting it. Even if most of the baby strollers are less safe or safer, it is common that some of them might get criticized for possessing a poor brake, or a bad handlebar that may fall off.

Most of the baby strollers in Malaysia during these days have the adjustable front wheel(s). Depending on the place you live, this kind of feature could be practical or somewhat harmful. If one front wheel or a small front wheel becomes hard to maneuver in the snow, the baby stroller may overturn in the surface.

In that case, it is wise to select a baby stroller Malaysia with two or not too small wheels fixed in front of the stroller. Or, you can even have a stroller with front wheels that is lockable. To find what you are looking for, click here. Supreme Global provides features’ information in each baby stroller so you can see what the product can actually provide your baby.