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Exciting news awaits you at the highly anticipated TCE Baby Expo! Nuna, Babyhood & Lallabee are thrilled to offer you an exclusive sneak peek into the incredible deals that will be available at our booth. Get ready to seize unbeatable opportunities to save big on essential baby gear and furniture. Don't miss out on these limited-time offers!

These are just a glimpse of the amazing deals we have in store for you at the TCE Baby Expo. Remember, these offers are available exclusively during the expo and may not be repeated in the future. Seize this opportunity to save on high-quality baby products that will accompany you throughout your parenting journey.

Mark your calendar and visit our booth at the TCE Baby Expo, located at Hall 1 - Booth 19, from 06 until 09 July 2023 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC KL Third Floor (3F) @ Mid Valley Megamall, Centre Court). We can't wait to help you find the perfect products for your little one while enjoying unbeatable deals.

Tce Baby Expo Highlight

More Creative than a Toy, Safer than Mom's Makeup

For your young girl, we have created only safe, ethical and certified formulas to keep her entertained!

All Lallabee products are water-based and created with the highest safety standards for children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers.

Lallabee Special Deals (GWP)

Lallabee Gift With Purchase Special Deals

Nail Polish

The nail polish for young women

The Lallabee water-based nail polish responds to the need of making available on the market a harmless, non-toxic, ultra delicate and washable nail polish for the little ones, which can be removed with water. Often, our girls play “grown-ups” to imitate their mothers, grandmothers, older sister, or aunts, … but use products for adults, which are formulated with ingredients that are toxic and harmful to their health.

Lallabee recommends using water-based nail polishes following these steps:

  • Wash your hands well and apply a coat of nail polish, in your favorite color
  • Let it dry completely, and if you want a more intense and opaque color, apply a second coat
  • Do you want the polish to be even glossier and long-lasting? Apply the Lallabee Lattemiele Top Coat. The result will be amazing and your nails SAFE! To remove, wash with warm water only, or water and soap.

Lip Gloss

The first 100% food grade Bios-NaturCosmetics certified lip gloss for your girl !!

The Lallabee food-grade lipgloss is the safe lip gloss for our little women! Lallabee loves children, and with Lallabee your child can imitate you in total safety, using the first lip gloss entirely formulated with 100% food grade ingredients and BIOS-NaturCosmetics certified, for a pure and healthy fun!!!

Hair Mascara

Hair mascara with bioglitter. The mascara that sparkles !!

Hair mascara with bioglitter. It does not damage the hair and can be removed easily with soap and water.
It's fun for your little girls but moms can use it too!
Apply on the length of the hair and have fun! It allows you to create reflections of color or strands of color on your hairThanks to its different crazy shades, it allows you to experiment with new looks, eccentric and cheeky!
Contains: 2% Bioglitters + 6% Grapeseed oil + 0.5% Vitamin Earkles

Lallabee Hair Mascara for our little ones. The Lallabee compact hair mascara or hair shadow, dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, 100% safe, non toxic and harmless, respectful of the little girl’s hair, vegan product nickel tested – max 2ppm.

Nail Sticker & Body Tattoo

The fun continues with…beautiful set of body tattoos and nail stickers!

With young girls in mind, Lallabee has designed a set of body tattoos and nail stickers for fun and joy-filled moments!
And truly, what is more beautiful than seeing and hearing a child laugh?

Lallabee recommends using stickers and tattoos as follows:

Body Tattoos: first of all, you need to clean and dry the application area,
and ask for help from an adult. Then, cut out the design you want to apply
and remove the protective film. Place the design on the skin, with graphics facing downward. With a
wet cotton swab, soak the tattoo surface with water, then gently peel off
the back. The final result will be excellent!

Nail stickers: Apply a coat of the Lallabee water-based nail polish, and let it dry.
With the help of an adult and tweezers, peel off the sticker and place it on the nail.
Apply a coat of Lullabee Lattemiele top coat and let it dry. Repeat the operation on all
the nails you wish to decorate with stickers. Your nails will be beautiful!

To remove tattoos and stickers, wash with a sponge soaked in warm soapy water.

Lallabee tattoos and stickers are not suitable for children under 36 months and are recommended for use
under adult supervision.