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Choosing the Best Baby Cot in Malaysia For Your Baby (Tips for Parent)

Once your baby is too big or can pull themselves up or roll, this is the best time for a cot where your baby will sleep for around two years or longer. Thus, make sure that you see it as a small investment – meaning getting the best baby cot Malaysia built to last and the safest crib.

Well, baby cots can be an expensive purchase so choosing a cot that will last long would make it a worthy investment. Baby cots can come in various sizes and designs, including corner shaped cots that sit neatly in the corner of the room, oval shape portable baby cot that can be converted into a baby bed or even chairs.

Naturally, the process of selecting baby cot can be a daunting task, especially for the first time parent since the baby will spend most of the time in it. Therefore, let’s find out what you should be looking for in baby cot to make the best choice for your infant.

What Baby Cot Design is the Best in Malaysia?

It is worth thinking about the space you have available before buying the cot. It is recommended that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months. Here are some other considerations when purchasing the best baby cot for your little one:

1. Size & Space

While most of our cots use the same sized mattress, the cots themselves come in various shapes and sizes. This is an important consideration that depends on the space you have in your nursery/bedroom.

2. Adjustable Mattress Height

Most of the cots have the feature to adjust the height. Thus, when your little one is young, you can gain easy access to them. As they get older, you can just drop the base down to prevent them from climbing out of the cot.

3. Dropside Mechanism

These are the mechanical part of your cot that allows for one panel to be lowered so that you may put your baby down or pick them up with ease. There can be a variety of dropside designs but ultimately, you want to pick something that is safe and easy to use.

Our drop-side panels come built-in with 2 locks that prevent it from endangering your baby. The first lock is disengaged when u lift the panel up, and the second lock is when you push the lower part of the panel with your knee or shin.

4. Teething Rails

These are plastic coverings that protect the rails and prevent damage to both baby’s teeth and the cot.

5. Cot-Top Changer

This is a changing unit that slots on top of the baby cot and is used with a change mat. This definitely a great space-saving feature.

6. Travel Cots

Whether it is a weekend away with family or a trip abroad, a travel portable cot is a bed your baby could sleep in when you are away from home.