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Buying a Baby Cot Mattress Malaysia for Your Baby

Shopping for a comfortable, cosy and safe baby mattress for your baby can be a little tricky and overwhelming. The mattresses for the baby is as important as the crib, which is why you should purchase the best that you can.

Why does choosing the right baby mattress matter? For one, your baby will spend most of their time sleeping in their cot. It might seem unbelievable, especially when you are getting up to feed a fussy baby in the middle of the night, but infants sleep with an average of 18 hours per day.

How to Choose The Best Baby Mattress

Baby mattresses are similar to adult mattresses, but with a few special considerations. Before you hit the bedding aisle at the local baby mega-store, let’s take a moment to review these helpful tips when choosing and purchasing your baby cot mattress.


Some parents prefer a baby mattress that is made from natural and organic materials to prevent their little one from being exposed to the risk of harmful chemicals used in standard mattress production. Generally, mattresses are made with either springs, foam or latex. Each of them has a different feel but for a baby’s primary mattress, we strongly recommend spring mattresses for their durability and firmness.

Mattress Firmness

Look for baby mattresses in Malaysia that are firm, resilient and more on the heavy side. To check the firmness of a mattress, press the centre of the mattress and at the edges. The mattress should bounce back readily and should not conform to the shape of your hand.

Easy to Clean

Baby diapers leak for all manner of reasons. One can choose to clean the stained spots, or another way to handle it is to have a mattress cover. However, mattress covers that are waterproof might cause safety issues since they are not breathable. Another option would be to get a mattress with a removable cover much like our Zip Off mattresses.


When a baby is rolling around in bed, there could be times when they are face down on the mattress. Having a breathable mattress allows the baby to breathe even when they are having trouble rolling onto their back. This is especially important to ensure nothing like SID happens during moments you don’t have your eyes on the baby.

Fit Size

The mattress should fit snugly within the frames of your baby cot. You should not be able to fit in more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib. If you choose a mini bassinet or crib, the same sizing rules apply.