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Lallabee Kids Makeup

Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Find the Best Lallabee Kids Makeup for your little one only here at Supreme Global.

We are committed in helping you find the perfect item for your baby

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More Creative than a Toy

Safer than Mom's Makeup

For your young girl, we have created only safe, ethical and certified formulas to keep her entertained!

The nail polish for young women

The Lallabee water-based nail polish responds to the need of making available on the market a harmless, non-toxic, ultra delicate and washable nail polish for the little ones, which can be removed with water. Often, our girls play “grown-ups” to imitate their mothers, grandmothers, older sister, or aunts, … but use products for adults, which are formulated with ingredients that are toxic and harmful to their health.

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The first 100% food grade Bios-NaturCosmetics certified lip gloss for your girl!!!

The Lallabee food-grade lipgloss is the safe lip gloss for our little women! Lallabee loves children, and with Lallabee your child can imitate you in total safety, using the first lip gloss entirely formulated with 100% food grade ingredients and BIOS-NaturCosmetics certified, for a pure and healthy fun!!!

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The mascara that sparkles

Hair mascara with bioglitter
It does not damage the hair and can be removed easily with soap and water.
It's fun for your little girls but moms can use it too!
Apply on the length of the hair and have fun! It allows you to create reflections of color or strands of color on your hair.
Thanks to its different crazy shades, it allows you to experiment with new looks, eccentric and cheeky!
Contains: 2% Bioglitters + 6% Grapeseed oil + 0.5% Vitamin E

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