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Lallabee Kids Makeup

Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. Find the Best Lallabee Kids Makeup for your little one only here at Supreme Global.

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More Creative than a Kid's Toy 
Safer than Mom's Makeup

For your young girl, we have created only safe, ethical and certified formulas to keep her entertained!

The non-toxic nail polish ingredients for young women

The Lallabee water-based nail polish responds to the need of making available on the market a harmless, non-toxic, ultra delicate and washable nail polish for the little ones, which can be removed with water. Often, our girls play “grown-ups” to imitate their mothers, grandmothers, older sister, or aunts, … but use products for adults, which are formulated with ingredients that are toxic and harmful to their health.

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The first 100% food grade Bios-NaturCosmetics certified lip gloss for your girl!!!

The Lallabee food-grade lipgloss is the safe lip gloss for our little women! Lallabee loves children, and with Lallabee your child can imitate you in total safety, using the first lip gloss entirely formulated with 100% food grade ingredients and BIOS-NaturCosmetics certified, for a pure and healthy fun!!!

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The kids-friendly mascara that sparkles

Hair mascara with bioglitter
It does not damage the hair and can be removed easily with soap and water.
It's fun for your little girls but moms can use it too!
Apply on the length of the hair and have fun! It allows you to create reflections of color or strands of color on your hair.
Thanks to its different crazy shades, it allows you to experiment with new looks, eccentric and cheeky!
Contains: 2% Bioglitters + 6% Grapeseed oil + 0.5% Vitamin E

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The Importance of Safe and Non-Toxic Options for Kid-Friendly Makeup & Nail Polish

As children grow up, it’s natural for them to experiment and play around with makeup and nail polish. The bright and attractive colors call to them and they’re eager to unleash their creativity.

Parents should encourage such artistic endeavors while ensuring playtime is both enjoyable and safe. However, adult beauty products are not suitable for children’s delicate skin, so opting for organic and non-toxic makeup for kids is essential.

Lallabee offers just the thing for your budding little artists: kid-friendly makeup!

Safe and Non-Toxic Creative Play with Organic Makeup Set for Kids

Providing your children with natural kids' makeup to play with allows them to explore their individual styles and express themselves without exposing them to harmful chemicals that are commonly present in adult cosmetics.

Instead of saying no to using makeup, foster their creativity and self-expression by getting them their own kid-friendly makeup set. Lallabee Kids Makeup ensures a worry-free, fun-filled play experience for your children.

Lip Gloss Kid-Friendly Makeup

Kids want to imitate you and do everything you do. In their eyes, you are their heroes and they want to be just like you!

If your kids want to wear makeup like you,Lallabee Food-Grade Lip Gloss for children is the perfect gift for your little ones.

Formulated with 100% food-grade ingredients, you can enjoy applying this safe and hydrating lip gloss with your children. Kids' play makeup isn’t just for play; it’s for building beautiful memories with your kids that last a lifetime.

Hair Mascara Kid-Friendly Makeup

Hair dyes and salon treatments, especially ones involving heat exposure, can damage your child’s hair and scalp.

If your children want to experiment with highlights and different hair colors,Lallabee Hair Mascara offers a fun and safe way to do so without any harmful chemicals.

This safe hair makeup for kids, with bioglitters, grapeseed oil and vitamin E, allows your children to create fun and colorful new looks for family outings. You can even let your children play hairdresser for the day and style your hair with our hair mascara.

Adding a Splash of Color with Water-Based Nail Polish Brand for Kids

Children are often interested in nail polish as they come in so many different colors and painting them on is very exciting. Spending an afternoon painting your nails is a great way to bond with your children and make play time extra special for them.

Regular nail polish is often full of unknown chemicals that can damage your children’s nails and skin. Using a safe nail polish kit for kids will give you peace of mind and protect your children’s nails and fingers during their play routine.

Lallabee Nail Polish, one of the best kid-friendly nail polishes in Malaysia, comes in a variety of different colors to promote a safe and fun experience for your children as they explore the exciting world of nail art.

Unlike regular polish, our water-based, non-toxic kids' nail polish can be removed with soap and water, so you don’t have to worry about ingestion of harmful chemicals during mealtime.

Buy Kids Makeup and Nail Polish Online at Supreme Global Malaysia

Makeup and nail polish are applied directly to the skin, hair and nails, so it’s important for parents to buy kid-friendly formulations that are safe for children while also offering a wide range of colors for your little ones to get creative.

Safe for kids, numerous color options, easy to remove – Lallabee products tick all the boxes. Discover the perfect selection at Supreme Global today and give your children the gift of creativity and self-expression with Lallabee Kids Makeup!

FAQs about Kids’ Makeup Set & Nail Polish in Malaysia

Are the Lallabee makeup and nail polish brand suitable for kids with sensitive skin?

Yes, Lallabee's kids makeup and nail polish are designed with sensitive skin in mind. These products are non-toxic, kid-friendly, and made from organic ingredients, making them a safe choice for children with sensitive skin. Supreme Global ensures that Lallabee's range, available in Malaysia, meets high safety standards, providing gentle care for young skin.

Are the kids’ makeup and nail polish made with halal ingredients suitable for Muslim users?

Yes, Lallabee's kids makeup and nail polish are formulated with halal ingredients, making them suitable for Muslim users. Supreme Global offers these products in Malaysia, ensuring they adhere to halal standards with their organic, non-toxic composition, providing a safe and inclusive option for all children.

How to store the non-toxic kids' makeup safely in Malaysia’s humid environment?

In Malaysia's humid environment, it's essential to store non-toxic kids' makeup like Lallabee Hair Mascara and Lip Gloss in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Lallabee's kids makeup set is made with organic and water-based products; hence, keeping them in airtight containers can help to maintain their quality and ensure longevity, making them last longer for your child's safe play.

What age is appropriate for kids to start using these organic makeup products?

The appropriate age for kids to start using organic makeup products like Lallabee's range can vary. Generally, these non-toxic, food-grade, and kid-friendly kits are suitable for children aged 3 and above.

Is it safe to buy the organic Lallabee kids’ makeup and nail polish online?

Yes, it is safe to buy organic Lallabee kids' makeup and nail polish online from Supreme Global website. We offer a secure online shopping experience, with detailed product descriptions, ensuring you can confidently purchase top-quality, safe, and non-toxic products for your children.

Where can I shop for kids makeup sets and nail polish from Supreme Global store near me?

To locate a Supreme Global kids’ makeup store near you in Malaysia, visit our website and use our Store Locator feature. Simply enter your location to find the nearest shop offering our range of safe, non-toxic Lallabee makeup sets for your kids. Alternatively, you can also shop online for added convenience.