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Keep Your Child Safe with Baby Car Seat in Malaysia

There is only one way to bring your new bundle of joy home from the hospital – by using a baby car seat. A child car seat is an important item in your newborn checklist. You won’t be able to go anywhere with your little one without one!

As a parent, you probably know why finding a good car seat is crucial, but how do you choose the best car seat that fits your lifestyle, budget, and even your car? Here are some basic tips to make the search a little easier and ensure you get the right car seat.

Types of Baby Car Seat in Malaysia

Before you start shopping for a car seat, it would be wise to understand the different types of car seats in the market. Here is the breakdown of the types of car seats:

Infant Car Seat or Capsule

They are designed for newborns, which offers rear-facing security for the youngest of babies.

Convertible Car Seats

Unlike an infant car seat, a convertible car seat can be installed rear-facing for newborns and then transitions into a forward-facing car seat for toddlers.

3-in-1 Car Seats

For even more longevity, you might consider the 3-in-1 car seat, which grows with your little one up until booster seat stage.

Booster Seats

Once the child reaches the age of 4 years old (about 100 cm and 15kg), they can use a booster car seat with a seatbelt.

How to Find Best Car Seat in Malaysia for Your Baby & Child

All car seats have to meet the necessary safety standards, making the shopping for car seat easy, right? Well, almost. Your answers to these following questions should help make the decision easier.

How Long Do You Plan to Use?

Although infant car seat or capsule is more convenient as it can also be a carrier and be connected to your baby's stroller by using adapters, it can only be used no longer than 1-2 years.

If budget and space are your concerns, it may be wise to invest in a convertible seat for long term use.

How Much Space Do You Have in the Car?

Some car seats are much larger than others, and some cars might be smaller than others. Thus, it’s best to measure the space you have in your car before you purchase a car seat for your baby so it fits perfectly.

How Portable Does the Car Seat Need to Be?

Most baby car seats are the stay-in-car type, but if you prefer a more mobile option, you can consider an infant car seat or capsule – so you can conveniently snap the child seat into a compatible stroller.