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Babyhood Breathe Eze™ Sleep Positioner

The babyhood Sleep Positioner is designed to support your baby and to help prevent your baby from rolling over onto their tummies and sides. The Sleep Positioner is made from a soft, plush micro toweling fabric which is stain resistant and colour fast. It is also machine washable. Best of all the Sleep Positioner is made from breathe Eze™ fibre so it is breathable for your baby. The Sleep Positioner is adjustable and can be made bigger or smaller to get the right fit as your child grows. Get a better night's sleep without waking yourself or your baby constantly to check if they are rolling over with a babyhood Sleep Positioner. Features: 2 pce to adjust for your growing baby Breathe Eze™ micro towel fabric Breathe Eze™ fiber filling Colour fast & stain resistant Machine washable

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Babyhood Breathe Eze™ Sleep Positioner
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