Diddlee Doo Walker Rocker

The Babyhood Safety Diddlee Doo 2 in 1 Walker Rocker has all the features needed to help your baby walk. More than half of all babies between the ages of 6 and 15 months use walkers. It gives your child a sense of independence. It can be used to walk and play at the same time. The Safety Diddlee Doo 2 in 1 Walker Rocker will surely give your baby the confidence to stand on their own feet.

1) Height adjustable.
2) High back and side seat for added support.
3) Battery operated toy tray.
4) Removable toy tray.

RM359.00 RM280.00

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 6 to 15 months (guideline only)

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Weight 6.5 kg


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